The Clerk issues various types of licenses for the City, such as Animal/Pet, Alcohol and Bartender/Server, Tobacco and Cigarette, and Marina launch passes. Licenses are regulated by the City of Ashland Ordinances and the Wisconsin State Statutes, and some require approval by the Common Council.

Applications are available by using the below links, or by contacting the Clerk's office at 715-682-7071. 

miscelaneous licenses 

Name of License
Arcade application $30
Change of Agent application $10
Cigarette & Tobacco application 
Coin Operated Game application $25 per machine
Jukebox application
$20 per machine
Mobile Concession Street Vendor application $50: surety bond required
Mobile Home Park application $5 per space
Pet/Animal License application Dogs - Neutered/Spayed - $15
  Dogs - Unnneutered/Unspayed - $22
  Cats - Neutered/Spayed - $13
  Cats - Unneutered/Unspayed - $18
Operator’s (Bartender) Application: Licenses expire June 30): One Year
Operator’s (Bartender) Application: Licenses expire June 30): Two Years $50
Pawnbroker application $210: Bond Required
Recycling / Junk Dealer application $100
Taxicab application $50 per vehicle, $25 each addl vehicle: insurance policy required
Transient Merchant / Solicitor: One Day
Transient Merchant / Solicitor: One Week
Transient Merchant / Solicitor: One Month $500

Class A, B, & C (retail) alcohol beverage License Fees

Name of License
“Class A” Combination Beer & Liquor (for off-site consumption) $600 + publication fee
"Class A” Beer only (for off-site consumption) $100 + publication fee
“Class B” Combination Beer & Liquor (for on-site consumption) $600 + publication fee
"Class B” Beer only (for on-site consumption) $100 + publication fee
Temporary "Class B” / “Class B” Retailer (Picnic Beer / Wine) $10 per day