Project Updates

2016 Citywide Street Improvement Projects

Major reconstruction projects include:

6th Street West (click for more details)

7th Avenue East (click for more details)

The City of Ashland’s mill and overlay project is scheduled to begin the week of May 16th.  The project basically consists of milling about 2 inches of the roadway and placing a new 2 inch layer of asphalt.  This provides for a new riding surface, sealing up cracks and profiling the road contour for improved snow removal.  Selective curb and sidewalk repairs will be completed within some of the project areas. The milling portion of the project typical takes a few days, parking will be restricted in these areas, and motorists can expect traffic to be limited to one lane at times.  The new asphalt pavement overlay will be completed the week of May 23th.  Road closures may occur during the overlay process. Closure of the roadways is temporary and should not include more than one day.  Motorists are asked to use caution in these areas.

The areas that will be affected are:

  • 9th Ave.West (Lake Shore Drive to Main Street)
  • MacArthur Avenue (Lake Shore Drive to 4th Street)
  • Chapple Avenue (Lake Shore Drive to 3rd Street)
  • 6th Avenue West (Main Street to Goeltz Drive)
  • Goeltz Drive (6th Avenue West to Chapple)
  • Beaser Avenue (Binsfield Road Intersection to WITC entrance)
  • 3rd Ave. East (3rd Street – 4th Street)

Please contact the Public Works Department at 715-682-7061 if you have any questions.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as improvements are made to our roadways.

Superfund Cleanup:

Phase Two of the Superfund Site Cleanup is currently underway!  This is the second step in a several year process in cleaning up the site (located to the west of Prentice Avenue down by the waterfront).

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If you have questions or concerns regarding the status of this project, please contact Xcel Energy.