Ashland Ore Dock Redevelopment

About the Project

Let’s get all the way out to the end of the Oredock!

Currently, only the first half of the dock is open to the public. We are raising funds to give the public access to the entire dock, along the area currently known as “The Diamonds.” The Community has told us that having access to the entire length of the Oredock is the most important first step that we can take in the redevelopment process. The cost to get the public out to end of the dock is approximately $2 Million. The Ashland Oredock Charitable Trust will match up to $1 Million to complete this important phase!


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Will you help us raise funds to complete this phase? Donate Online or send a check to:
Ashland Oredock Trust
601 Main Street W
Ashland, WI 54806

Any amount is greatly appreciated, and all donations are tax deductible.

Ashland Oredock Letters


Check out the following video or view our final report (PDF) about the Ore Dock.

Ashland Dock QR Code

Thank you to Consultants SmithgroupJJR and all City of Ashland residents for helping to create a vision for the dock for us all to enjoy!

Currently, the first half of the Oredock base is open to the public at all hours.  Head down there today and check out the sunset, stars, and a beautiful view of Chequamegon Bay!

About the Dock

Located at the base of Stuntz Avenue near Water Street, The Ashland Ore Dock is envisioned to be the crown jewel of the City’s numerous open spaces and recreational areas along the waterfront, and has been a place of strong community identity since its construction in the early 1900s.

Despite the community’s efforts, the deteriorating, unmaintained superstructure on the dock was removed with dismantling commencing in 2011 and being completed in late 2013. However, the remaining nearly 2,000 foot long by 66 foot base offers a unique opportunity to write the next chapter of the Oredock’s legacy.

Dock Base

The former Wisconsin Central (Soo Line) Ore Dock was the iconic feature of Ashland in regards to its representation of the economic impact on one of the City’s founding industries, its visual impact to the cityscape, and its geographic impact to the community’s waterfront.

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