Wastewater Division

Biological Treatment Plant

The City Wastewater Utility built a new secondary biological treatment plant in 1992. All wastewater is collected and pumped to the treatment plant. After treatment and disinfection by Ultra Violet light, the clean water is discharged back to Lake Superior. 

Designed peak flow is 2,667 gallons per minute or 3.84 million gallons per day. Annual average flow is approximately 1.1 million gallons per day.

Aerial view of the Treatment Plant

Membrane Water Treatment Plant

The City Water Utility built a new membrane water treatment plant in 2001. The water infrastructure consists of: 

  • Approximately 54 Miles of Distribution System
  • An Elevated Water Tower
  • A Standpipe Storage Reservoir
  • State-of-the-Art Membrane Microfilters
  • A Surface Water Intake

Wondering About Sewer Overflows? 

How do they happen? What does the detention pond do? What has been done to prevent overflows and has it helped?

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