Census 2020

Wisconsin counts - census 2020

Due to the COVID pandemic, all Wisconsin timelines have been extended for the 2020 Census count and results. 

Data collection ended for the 2020 Census on October 15, 2020, although follow up and verification continues. as of October 19, 99.98% of all housing units and addresses nationwide were accounted for in the 2020 Census with 67.0% accounted for through self-response online, by phone or by mail, and 32.9% accounted for through the Nonresponse Follow-up operation (NRFU).

In all states, the District of Columbia and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, more than 99% of all addresses have been accounted for, and in all but one state that number tops 99.9%. Check out how many households in your community completed the 2020 Census.

2021 Redistricting Process and Census Delay

The US Census Bureau adjusted its 2020 operations due to COVID-19 resulting in delays to the Bureau's reporting and publishing of population data necessary to redistrict at the municipal and county levels of government. The population data is usually received no later than April 1, but now is not expected until at least July 31, 2021, and more likely not until August or September. Because of these delays, counties and municipalities are unable to commence the redistricting process within the timeframe required by current Wisconsin law, and, depending on the extent of the delay, counties and municipalities may be unable to complete the redistricting process prior to the December 1 deadline for filing nomination papers for the 2022 spring election. 

The Wisconsin Counties Association (WCA) reached out to the League about this issue and is proposing legislation adjusting the redistricting timeline. The proposal is currently being drafted for consideration. No bill has been circulated for co-sponsorship or introduced yet. 

    Read the WCA's legal memo on the redistricting process and census delays, here