City of Ashland Ordinances

City of Ashland online ordinances are updated quarterly.  A printed version of all ordinances is available for public review at the City Clerk’s office at City Hall.  Individuals may also request a digital version or purchase their own paper versions of the ordinances by contacting the City Clerk at 715-682-7071.

** Please note that for the purposes of creating searchable ordinances that many older documents have been converted from scanned copies into text based copies through optical character recognition. It is likely that some of the searchable ordinance content on this website may contain minor typos. Always refer to the original copies available at the City Clerk’s office if you have any questions.


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Ordinance Index – Major Divisions

SECTION #                                                  CATEGORY

1-20                                                              Elections

21-50                                                            Officials & Boards

51-70                                                           City Council

71-120                                                         City Employees

121-150                                                       Policies & Procedures

151-200                                                       Finances

201-220                                                       Protection

221-260                                                       Fire Department

261-320                                                       Police Department

321-400                                                       Animal Control

401-450                                                       Health

451-480                                                       Public Lands & Natural Resources

481-500                                                       Railroads & Airports

501-700                                                       Highways & Public Right-of-Ways

701-740                                                       Utilities

741-780                                                       Building & Electrical Inspectors & Codes

781-830                                                       Zoning

831-850                                                       Housing

851-980                                                       Licensing & Regulation

981-1000                                                     Miscellaneous

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SECTION I – ELECTIONS (1-20) back-2-top

1                            CHAPTER 1. Ordinance for Voting Hours

2                            CHAPTER 2. Ordinance for Primaries (CHARTER ORDINANCE)

3                            CHAPTER 3. Ordinance for Aldermanic Districts


25                          CHAPTER 25. Ordinance for Salaries of the Mayor and the Common Council

26                          CHAPTER 26. Ordinance for Mayoral Terms (CHARTER ORDINANCE)

27                          CHAPTER 27. Ordinance for Board of Review

28                          CHAPTER 28. Ordinance for Duties and Responsibilities of City Administrator

29                          CHAPTER 29. Ordinance for Aldermanic Terms (CHARTER ORDINANCE)

30                          CHAPTER 30. Ordinance for Code of Ethics

31                          CHAPTER 31. Ordinance for Establishment of City Treasurer / Comptroller

33                          CHAPTER 33. Ordinance for Unexcused Absences from Committees, Commissions, and Boards

35                          CHAPTER 35. Ordinance for Economic Development – Revolving Loan Fund Advisory Board

38                          CHAPTER 38. Ordinance for City Plan Commission

39                          CHAPTER 39. Ordinance to Approve City Performance of Certain Public Construction Without Submitting the Same for Bids

45                          CHAPTER 45. Joint Ordinance to Reorganize the Airport Commission

46                          CHAPTER 46. Ordinance for Public Works Committee

47                          CHAPTER 47. Ordinance for Parks And Recreation Committee.

48                          CHAPTER 48. Ordinance for Organization of the Public Works, Park and Leisure Services Departments.


51                          CHAPTER 51. Ordinance for City Council Procedure


78                          CHAPTER 78. Ordinance for Compensation Schedule and Salary Allocations of the Non-Union, Non-Elected Officers and Employees

80                          CHAPTER 80. Ordinance for City Employees Soliciting or Receiving Gifts

85                          CHAPTER 85. Ordinance for Employee Education Assistance Policy

116                       CHAPTER 116. Ordinance for Regulation of the Number of Employees of the Street Department.


123                       CHAPTER 123. Ordinance for Prohibiting Interference With the Street Commissioner and With Persons Executing Contracts With the City.

131                      CHAPTER 131. Ordinance for Ordinance for City Work for Private Individuals.

133                      CHAPTER 133. Ordinance for Maintenance and Destruction of City Records.

134                      CHAPTER 134. Ordinance for Code of Ordinances.

135                      CHAPTER 135. Ordinance for Public Funds Used by Outside Organizations.


153                     CHAPTER 153. Ordinance for Water Utility Payments to General Fund.

154                     CHAPTER 154. Ordinance for Accommodations Tax.

165                     CHAPTER 165. Ordinance for Comprehensive Fee Schedule.

182                    CHAPTER 182. Ordinance for Eliminating the Requirement of the Treasurer Providing a Bond to the County Treasurer.

183                    CHAPTER 183. Ordinance for Alternative System of Approving Financial Claims.

194                     CHAPTER 194. Ordinance for Procurement of Goods and Services and Approval of Change Orders for Public Construction Projects

195                     CHAPTER 195. Ordinance for Voluntary Special Assessments for Sewer Improvements for the Correction of Inflow and Infiltration Problems.


201                    CHAPTER 201. Ordinance for General Conduct Ordinance.

202                    CHAPTER 202. Ordinance for Noise Pollution Prevention.

203                    CHAPTER 203. Ordinance for Loitering.

205                    CHAPTER 205. Ordinance for Parental Responsibility.

206                    CHAPTER 206. Ordinance for False Fire Alarms and Interference With Fire Suppression.

207                    CHAPTER 207. Ordinance for A Joint Action Emergency Government Ordinance Between Ashland County and the City of Ashland to Cope With Emergencies Resulting from Enemy Action and Man-Made or Natural Disasters.

208                   CHAPTER 208. Ordinance for Shooting Arrows Within City Limits.

209                   CHAPTER 209. Ordinance for Watercraft Regulations.

210                   CHAPTER 210. Ordinance for Unlawful Sheltering of Minors.

211                   CHAPTER 211. Ordinance for Charging Excessive False Alarms.

213                   CHAPTER 213. Ordinance for Appointment of School Crossing Guards.


245                   CHAPTER 245. Ordinance for Construction Limits, Adoption of a Fire Code, and Authorization of Fire Inspections.

246                   CHAPTER 246. Ordinance for Contractual Fire Agreements Between the City of Ashland and Neighboring Municipalities Authorized.


279                  CHAPTER 279. Ordinance for Citations for Violation of City Ordinances.


351                  CHAPTER 351. Ordinance for Licensing, Regulating, and Maintenance of Dogs and Cats.

353                 CHAPTER 353. Ordinance for Nuisance Deer Hunt.

354                 CHAPTER 354. Ordinance for Prohibiting the Feeding of Deer.


402                 CHAPTER 402. Ordinance for Disposal of Holding Tank Waste Water.

406                 CHAPTER 406. Ordinance for Mercury Containing Devices.

450                 CHAPTER 450. Ordinance for Public Nuisance – Distribution or Sale of Substances Affecting Health.


453                 CHAPTER 453. Ordinance for Regulating the Height of Structures and Trees and the Use of Property in the Vicinity of the Ashland Municipal Airport.

454                  CHAPTER 454. Ordinance for Planting, Maintaining, and Removing Trees and Shrubs.

463                  CHAPTER 463. Ordinance for Policies and Procedures for Parks, Facilities, and Recreation Areas.

464                   CHAPTER 464. Ordinance for The Rules and Regulations for Public Use of the Ashland Marina.

465                   CHAPTER 465. Ordinance for Mooring or Docking on Waterfront Property Prohibited.

466                   CHAPTER 466. Ordinance for Boat Launch Fees.

467                   CHAPTER 467. Ordinance for Safety Zone in a Portion of Chequamegon Bay in the City of Ashland, Wi.

469                    CHAPTER 469. Ordinance for Restrictive Covenants Governing Parcels Located Within the Ashland Industrial Park.

475                    CHAPTER 475. Ordinance for Ordinance to Annex Land (Town of Gingles).

476                    CHAPTER 476. Ordinance for Ordinance to Annex Land (Town of Eileen).

477                    CHAPTER 477. Ordinance for Ordinance to Annex Land Adjacent to Airport.

478                    CHAPTER 478. Ordinance for Land Acquisitions and Dispositions.


491                     CHAPTER 491. Ordinance for Regulation of Vehicular Traffic on the Ashland Municipal Airport.

492                     CHAPTER 492. Ordinance for Airport Operation and Minimum Standards for the John F. Kennedy Memorial Airport.

495                     CHAPTER 495. Ordinance for Aircraft Parking at John F. Kennedy Memorial Airport.



501                      CHAPTER 501. Ordinance For Public Right-of-way Regulation.

502                      CHAPTER 502. Ordinance For Use Of The City Streets And Sidewalks.

503                      CHAPTER 503. Ordinance For City Heavy Traffic Routes.

504                      CHAPTER 504. Ordinance For Vehicular Traffic Regulation.

505                      CHAPTER 505. Ordinance For Snowmobiles, And Snowmobile Routes And Trails.

506                      CHAPTER 506. Ordinance For School Bus Warning Lights.

507                      CHAPTER 507. Ordinance For The Operation Of All-Terrain Vehicles (Atvs) And Utility- Terrain Vehicles (Utvs).

530                      CHAPTER 530. Ordinance For Sidewalk Construction, Maintenance, And Use.

534                      CHAPTER 534. Ordinance For Placing Snow From Private Property Onto City Streets Or Near Intersections.

536                      CHAPTER 536. Ordinance For Salt Use On Streets.

542                      CHAPTER 542. Ordinance For Emergency Routes.

544                      CHAPTER 544. Ordinance for Vehicular Stopping and Parking

601                      CHAPTER 601. Ordinance for Municipal Parking Lots

602                      CHAPTER 602. Ordinance for Regulations for Parking Lot F (Marina Storage)

603                      CHAPTER 603. Ordinance for Regulations for Vehicular Parking Lot G (John F. Kennedy Memorial Airport)

611                      CHAPTER 611. Ordinance for Permits for Placing or Altering Driveways for Movement of Traffic

612                     CHAPTER 612. Ordinance for Street and Utility Construction Standards and Special Assessment Policies

612A                   CHAPTER 612A. Ordinance for Special Assessment for the Prentice Heights Development Project

612B                   CHAPTER 612B. Ordinance for Special Assessment for the Superior View Subdivision Development Project

612C                   CHAPTER 612C. Ordinance for Special Assessment for Designated Properties Located North of City Heights Road

613                     CHAPTER 613. Ordinance for Underground Utility Standards

614                     CHAPTER 614. Ordinance for Abandoned Vehicles in the City of Ashland, Wisconsin

615                     CHAPTER 615. Ordinance for Unattended Vehicles When Wheels are off the Ground

616                     CHAPTER 616. Ordinance for Sixth Avenue West Pedestrian Mall

617                     CHAPTER 617. Ordinance for Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (Nev)

618                     CHAPTER 618. Ordinance for Process for Discontinuing City Rights-of-Way


702                     CHAPTER 702. Ordinance For Introduction Of Fluorine Into The City’s Water System.

703                     CHAPTER 703.  Ordinance for Back Flow And Cross Connection Prevention And Remediation.

705                    CHAPTER 705.  Ordinance For Water Utility Rules, Rates, And Regulations.

711                    CHAPTER 711. Ordinance For A Potw And Collection System. 

712                    CHAPTER 712. Ordinance for Sanitary Sewer Rules, Rates, and Regulations

714                    CHAPTER 714. An Ordinance To Provide Sewer Services To Specified Property Outside The Corporate Limits Of The City Of Ashland.

721                    CHAPTER 721. Ordinance For Septic And Holding Tank Pump Out.

730                    CHAPTER 730. Ordinance For Granting A Franchise To Lake Superior District Power Company To Construct And Maintain Facilities For The Distribution Of Natural Gas In The City Of Ashland.


746                   CHAPTER 746. Ordinance For Prevention Of Clear Water Inflow To The Sanitary Sewer.

748                   CHAPTER 748. Ordinance For Building Inspector And Building, Housing, Electrical And Plumbing Codes.

750                  CHAPTER 750. Ordinance For Property Maintenance.

751                  CHAPTER 751. Ordinance For Roof Drains Connections To Sanitary Sewers.


781                 CHAPTER 781. Ordinance to Allow City of Ashland “Unified Development Ordinance (U.D.O.)” and Zoning District Map be Provided in Pamphlet Form.

The full Unified Development Ordinance (U.D.O.) and Zoning District Map can be accessed here.

782A               CHAPTER 782A. Ordinance For Change The Classification Of Certain Properties From Two Family Residence District To Industrial District.

782G              CHAPTER 782G. Ordinance For Construction Of A 3′ X 7′ Directional Sign

787E               CHAPTER 787E. Ordinance For A Variance To Allow Construction Of A Commercial Garage In A Two-Family Residential District.

787F               CHAPTER 787F. An Ordinance To Grant A Zoning Use Variance For A Parking Lot At 1322 Front Street East.

787G              CHAPTER 787G. An Ordinance To Grant A Zoning Use Variance To Allow Construction Of An Addition Onto A Residence Located In An Area Zoned Industrial A.

787H               CHAPTER 787H. An Ordinance To Grant A Zoning Use Variance To Allow Reconstruction Of A Residence Located In An Area Zoned Industrial A.

787K               CHAPTER 787K. Ordinance To Amend The City Zoning Ordinance No. 679.

787R               CHAPTER 787R. Ordinance To Grant A Zoning Variance To Allow Construction Of A Pole Building For Equipment Storage Purposes On Land Zoned As Two-Family Residential District, And To Reduce The Sideyard Setback Requirement For This Building.

787S               CHAPTER 787S. Ordinance To Grant A Zoning Use Variance To Allow A Commercial Print Shop In A Central Business District.

787T               CHAPTER 787T. Ordinance For Zoning Use Variance To Allow Relocation Of Certain Advertising Panels.

787V               CHAPTER 787V. Ordinance For Amendment To Official Zoning Map Of The City Of Ashland In Order To Plat A Street In Ellis Division

787W              CHAPTER 787W. Ordinance For Official Zoning Map Of Ashland Shall Be Amended To Plat And Open A Street Located In Blocks 120 And 121, Ellis Division.

787X               CHAPTER 787X. Ordinance To Amend The Official Zoning Map Of The City Of Ashland To Plat And Open The Connecting Road Between Front Street To The Entrance To The Marina Parking Area.

788T              CHAPTER 788T. Ordinance To Conditionally Rezone To C-2 Neighborhood Commercial The Following Property: 623 2Nd Ave East, Parcel 201021870000


794E             CHAPTER 794E. An Ordinance To Grant A Zoning Variance To Allow Relocation Of Advertising Panels On The South Side Of Front Street Between 28Th And 29Th Avenue.

796C            CHAPTER 796C. An Ordinance Authorizing Certain Uses And Operations In An Agricultural District Classification

800A            CHAPTER 800A. An Ordinance To Grant A Zoning Variance To Allow Construction Of A Commercial Storage Garage In Two Family Residential.

801B            CHAPTER 801B. An Ordinance To Amend The Official Zoning Map Of The City Of Ashland In Order To Plat An Alley In Vaughn And Humbirds Addition.

806A            CHAPTER 806A. An Ordinance To Grant A Zoning Use Variance For Warehousing Of Carpeting.

806G            CHAPTER 806G. An Ordinance To Grant A Zoning Use Variance To Allow The Construction Of Three Eight-Plex Multi-Family Dwelling Units In An Agricultural Zoned District.

806N             CHAPTER 806N. An Ordinance To Approve A Pud-Gdp (Planned Unit Development – General Development Plan) In Agricultural Zoning/Prentice, Inc./Located East Of Turner Road In Government Lot #2, Section 6, T47N, R4W.

807B             CHAPTER 807B. An Ordinance To Approve A Pud-Gdp (Planned Unit Development – General Development Plan) In Agricultural Zoning/Elk’s Club Golf Course Expansion And Housing Project/Located In Sections 6 & 7, T47N, R4W, On The South Side Of Highway 137 (Golf Course Road).

808               CHAPTER 808. Ordinance To Approve A Planned Unit Development-General Development Plan (Pud-Gdp) In The Planned Residential / Institutional Zoning District, Located West Of Farm Road, Lot 1 Of Csm 652.

809               CHAPTER 809. Ordinance To Approve A Planned Unit Development-Specific Implementation Plan (Pud-Sip) In The Planned Residential / Institutional Zoning District, Located West Of Farm Road, Lot 1 Of Csm 652.

826               CHAPTER 826. Ordinance For Historic Preservation.

830               CHAPTER 830. Ordinance for Authentic Ashland 2035 (COMPREHENSIVE PLAN).


831               CHAPTER 831. Ordinance For Fair Housing

834               CHAPTER 834. Ordinance For Fraud On Residential Landlords.

845               CHAPTER 845. Ordinance For Residential Rental Registration.


857               CHAPTER 857. Ordinance For Fireworks

862               CHAPTER 862. Ordinance For Unauthorized Connections Or Modifications To The Community Cable T.V. System

863               CHAPTER 863. Ordinance For Cable Television Regulatory And Franchising Ordinance Of 1995

864               CHAPTER 864. Ordinance For Pawnbrokers

865               CHAPTER 865. Ordinance For Weights and Measures

871               CHAPTER 871. Ordinance For Mobile Homes, Manufactured Home Communities (Mobile Home Parks), And Campgrounds.

882               CHAPTER 882. Ordinance For Arcades

889               CHAPTER 889. Ordinance For Transient Merchants, Solicitation In Residential Neighborhoods, And Mobile Concession Street Vendors

900               CHAPTER 900. Ordinance For Recycling

905               CHAPTER 905. Ordinance For Solid Waste Disposal

911               CHAPTER 911.  Ordinance For Taxicabs

912               CHAPTER 912.  Ordinance For Ambulances

921               CHAPTER 921. Ordinance For Consumption Of Alcohol At The Band Shell

922               CHAPTER 922. Ordinance For Alcoholic Beverages Regulation

923               CHAPTER 923. Ordinance For All Taxes, Assessments, Utility Charges, Indebtedness, And Forfeitures Be Paid Before Any License Or Contract Is Granted By The City Of Ashland.

925               CHAPTER 925. Ordinance For Cigarettes And Tobacco Products.

926              CHAPTER 926. Ordinance For Implementation Of Wisconsin’s Smoke-Free.

931              CHAPTER 931. Ordinance For Bicycles.

933              CHAPTER 933. Ordinance For Bicycles, Skateboards, Roller Blades, And Roller Skates.

934             CHAPTER 934. Ordinance For Newspaper Racks.

950             CHAPTER 950. Ordinance For Synthetic Drug Establishments

971             CHAPTER 971. Ordinance For Juke Boxes, Pin Ball Machines, And Other Similar Musical Mechanisms And Mechanical Amusement Devices.

978              CHAPTER 978. Ordinance for Burning of Grass, Leaves, and Garbage


983               CHAPTER 983. Ordinance For Changing The City Base Or Plane Of Reference For Elevations And Fixing The Elevation Of Primal Bench Marks.

987              CHAPTER 987. An Ordinance To Establish A Bulkhead Line On Chequamegon Bay Between Tenth Avenue West And Eighteenth Avenue West In The City Of Ashland, Wisconsin.

990              CHAPTER 990. An Ordinance To Establish A Bulkhead Line On Chequamegon Bay Between 10Th Avenue West And Approximately 150′ E Of East Line Of Macarthur Avenue In The City Of Ashland, Wisconsin

991              CHAPTER 991. Ordinance For Repeal Ordinance 538 Establishing And Governing The Equipment Agency.

992              CHAPTER 992. An Ordinance To Establish A Bulkhead Line Adjacent To The So-Called Commercial Dock In Chequamegon Bay In The City Of Ashland, Ashland County, Wisconsin

993              CHAPTER 993. Establishment Of A Bulkhead Line On The Chequamegon Bay Of Lake Superior Between North 6Th Avenue West And The East End Of The So-Called City Dock (16Th Avenue East)