Ashland SOARs Forum — One Year Update


Ashland SOARs Forum—One Year Update (Strategies to Optimize Ashland’s Resources)


The SOARS Forum, held in the fall of 2015, brought together over 200 stakeholders committed to Ashland to discuss critical elements of a healthy community—downtown Ashland, healthcare, education, poverty alleviation, housing, technology, arts and culture, recreation (indoors and outdoors), city branding and marketing, waterfront, local financing and investment, and childcare.

The Northland College Center for Rural Communities and the City of Ashland have released a one year update to the Strategies to Optimize Ashland’s Resources (SOARs) report.  This report outlines efforts in various stages that have emerged from the community-generated ideas as well as opportunities for partnerships.

“It’s heartening to look back over the last year and realize how much we’ve progressed in these areas,” Mayor Lewis said. “Now we’re looking to expand partnerships and plan next steps.”

 Download the original SOARs notes here
 Download the SOARs 1yr update here


DETAILS FROM THE ORIGINAL SOARs EVENT (held September 11th, 2015)

The City of Ashland will host the Strategies to Optimize Ashland’s Resources (SOARs) Forum on September 11th from 8AM to 5PM. The Forum will bring together stakeholders who are committed to the vitality of our community. Participants will discuss shared challenges, local strengths and resources, and collaborate on identifying community and economic development strategies that promote the long term vibrancy and quality of life in the City of Ashland. The Forum will include several breakout sessions centered on critical elements of a healthy community.

The SOARs Forum took place at the Presbyterian Congregational Church on Vaughn Avenue in downtown Ashland.