Comprehensive Plan Update

Comprehensive Plan Update

The City of Ashland updated its Comprehensive Plan for 2015-2035– Authentic Ashland. Read the full plan, and contact Planning & Development staff to find out how you can be a part of ongoing implementation efforts!

Past Comprehensive Plans: 

Current Award-Winning* Comprehensive Plan 2004-2024- The Making of an Exceptional City. In 2004, city staff, elected representatives, and local citizens from a variety of committees came together to create a 20-year vision for the City of Ashland, called the City of Ashland Comprehensive Plan, 2004-2024: The Making of an Exceptional City.  These committees included a Steering Committee as well as nine subcommittees for each chapter of the plan, comprising of over 100 individuals.  This plan is a vision of what our City wants to be.  It is a guide to help the City preserve what it values, enhance what it feels should be improved, and create what it feels is missing.  Here in the Planning and Development Department, we strive to encourage the implementation of this plan.

>> Click here for an online version of the complete 2015 Comprehensive Plan. ** This is a very large file so be patient as it could take a 1-2 mins to load.

Coming soon: A glance at the first 10-years of Ashland’s Comprehensive Plan to see what we have accomplished together.

Recipient of the WAPA Award for a Planning Document, Medium Jurisdiction, 2005.