Fire and EMS

The mission of the Ashland Fire Department is to be a recognized leader in the preservation of life, property, and the environment. This shall be accomplished by: providing public fire education, community involvement and code management; maintaining the highest standard of employee professionalism; and responding proactively to the changing needs of society.

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Location: The Fire Department is located on Stuntz Avenue and 3rd St W, across from Ellis Park. We provide 24 hour fire protection and EMS services.

FOR EMERGENCIES DIAL 9-1-1 When calling 9-1-1, in addition to explaining your emergency, give your name, telephone number and address and stay on the line if possible to answer any questions the dispatcher may have. Staying on the line will not delay our response. The dispatch center will give us the alarm and the units will begin their response.

Important: Call 9-1-1 before you call your doctor, relatives or friends. Providing the dispatcher accurate information reduces potential response delays. Use your street address as assigned by your local government. Rural routes and box numbers are of no use. If you do not have an assigned address, then find the legal description of the parcel that your residence is on and the proper name for the nearest town road. Have this information posted near your telephone.


History Before Ashland was incorporated as a city, the town board organized a fire department on June 18, 1887 and in 1897 the city created a career department. Today, the Ashland Fire Department consists of a Fire Chief and 20 career firefighter/paramedics, augmented by paid on-call personnel.

Service Area The Ashland Fire Department serves the City and a number of surrounding Townships. For fire protection we serve the Townships of Eileen, Gingles, Pilsen and the Sanborn Protection Group for a total service area of 183 square miles. For Advanced Life Support Ambulance, we serve the Townships of Barksdale, Eileen, Gingles, Marengo, Pilsen, Sanborn and White River for a total service area of 445 square miles.