February 13, 2018 Council Meeting

February 13, 2018 Council Meeting



Tuesday, February 13, 2018 – 6:15 P.M.

Ashland City Hall Council Chambers


Please turn off all cell phones during the meeting.


A.    Roll Call

B.    Moment of Silence

C.    Pledge of Allegiance


3.     APPROVAL OF MINUTES of the January 30, 2018 Council  Meeting (Voice)

4.     CITIZEN PARTICIPATION PERIOD (Clerk reads rules prior to public comments)


A.   Appointments

2018-2019 Election Inspectors

Cliff and Colleen Grand

6.     Interview, Nomination and Approval of Filling Ward 3 and Ward 4 Council Member Vacancies (Mayor) 

7.     CONSENT AGENDA (Includes items that were unanimously approved by Committee of the Whole) (Voice)

A.    Operator’s Licenses

B.    Miscellaneous Minutes

C.    Planning and Development Report – January, 2018

8.     New Business

A.    *

1.  Public Hearing for Sidewalk Special Assessments Associated With the 6th Street East Reconstruction and Utility Replacement Project (Public Works) Voice

2.  Approval of Final Resolution Authorizing Public Improvement and Levying Special Assessments Against Benefited Property in the City of Ashland, Ashland County, Wisconsin for the 6th Street East Reconstruction and Utility Replacement Project (Public Works) Voice

B.    Presentation and Update by Betsey Harries, AADC Executive Director (Mayor)

C.    Approve a Resolution in Support  of Financial Assistance for the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore in Responding to the Devastating Effects of a Historic Nor’Easter Storm on Lake Superior on October 27-30, 2017 (Mayor) Voice

 D.   Approve a Resolution to Amend the Conditional Use Permit for New Day Shelter in the City Center (CC) District, Parcel #201-01684-0000 (Planning & Development) (Voice)

E.      Approval of Agreement by and Between the City of Ashland and Town of Sanborn for Fire Protection and Emergency Medical Services (City Administrator) (Voice)


The City of Ashland does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, creed, color, national origin, sexual orientation, age or disability in employment or provision of services, programs or activities.

NOTE:  Upon reasonable notice, the City of Ashland will accommodate the needs of disabled individuals or individuals with limited English proficiency through auxiliary aids or services.  For additional information or to request this service, contact Denise Oliphant at 715-682-7071 (not a TDD telephone number) or FAX:  715-682-7048

February 13, 2018 Council Packet


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  • John Roguski says

    to the city council concerning sidewalks on 6th street when these special assessment,s started I was at the meeting at that time mayor Monroe said that when we on the corner on 6th street if we paid for the avenue the city would pay for the street first it started to be the south side and nothing done on the north side I believe that the city should keep up their portion of the bargin this new assessment is in poor taste I will refuse to pay the outrageous price tag I have lived in this town for 58 years and this is the last straw as far as I,m concerned will refuse to pay any more taxes and let my home go back to the bank and get the heck out of this town $ 100 dollar water bills and new fire stations new cop shops the fire dept cant save a basement and the cops cant even catch a robber give me a break maybe you can get the dopers on 2nd street to pay their fair share