Open Records Request Form

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This form is for requesting Records held by the City of Ashland and the various departments of the City. This does not apply to records kept by the Police Department.
Request: A request to inspect or copy a record shall be made to the legal custodian. A request shall be deemed sufficient if it reasonably describes the requested record or the information requested. However, a request for a record without a reasonable limitation as to subject matter or length of time represented by the record does not constitute a sufficient request. Each custodian, upon request of any record, shall, as soon as practicable and without delay, either fill the request or notify the requestor of the authority’s determination to deny the request in whole or in part. Submit open records request to the City Clerk in person or by mail: City of Ashland, 601 W. Main Street, Ashland, WI 54806 or Email

Access: Records will be available for inspection and copying during normal business hours Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. by appointment only. The legal custodian may require supervision during inspection or may impose reasonable restrictions on the manner of access to an original record. In some cases, records may require retrieval and therefore may not be immediately available for inspection.

Limitations: As provided by Statute 19.36, certain records are exempt from inspection. You will be notified if your request cannot be fulfilled because of its exempt status.

Requester Information
Open Records Request Agreement
I agree to pay the costs of photocopying, duplications, and labor costs involved in retrieving information that is not readily available, and the cost of mailing. In the event the estimated charges exceed $50.00, I agree to make a deposit as required by Chapter 133, Ashland City Ordinances.

I understand that the City of Ashland, WI may withhold information which is not considered public information under the Wisconsin Open Records Law, accompanying Attorney General Opinions and case law. I also understand that the City of Ashland is required to release only those documents that exist, in their current state, and that the City is not required to compile or create specific information in formats for my use.

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