January 31, 2017 Council Meeting

January 31, 2017 Council Meeting


Tuesday, January 31, 2017 – 6:15 P.M.

Ashland City Hall Council Chambers


Please turn off all cell phones during the meeting.

1.      CALL TO ORDER  

A.  Roll Call 

B.  Moment of Silence

C.  Pledge of Allegiance  

2.      APPROVAL OF AGENDA   (Voice) 

3.      APPROVAL OF MINUTES of the January 10, 2017 Council and Committee of Whole Meetings (Voice) 

4.      CITIZEN PARTICIPATION PERIOD (Clerk Reads Rules Prior to Public Comments) 


A.     Appointments

2017 Election Inspectors and Special Voting Deputies

Betsy Matzinger, Jim Matzinger, Patricia Schraufnagel

City Attorney

David Siegler, term expires January 16, 2019      

6.      CONSENT AGENDA (Includes items that were unanimously approved by Committee  of the Whole) (Voice)  

A.     Operator’s Licenses

B.     Miscellaneous Minutes

7.       OLD BUSINESS 

A.     Resolution by the Common Council for the City of Ashland, Wisconsin Requesting That the County Board of Ashland County, Wisconsin Adopt More Stringent Standards Than What is Contained in ATCP-51 as Part of an Effort to Achieve Desired Water Quality Standards (Roll) (Councilor Kinney)


A.      Public Hearing and  Resolution for the  Vacation of  Various Portions of Undeveloped Rights-of-Way Known as

  • The 66’ Wide East-West Right-of-Way Lying Between Lots 1 and 13 Block 141, and Lots 12 and  24 Block 175, Ellis Division;
  • The 66’ Wide East-West Right-of-Way Lying Between Lots 1 and 15 Block 225, and Lot 12 Block 229, Ellis Division;
  • The 66’ Wide East-West Right-of-Way Lying Between Lots 23 thru 32 Block 22, and Lots 1 thru 8    Block 28, Commercial Addition
  • The 66’ Wide North-South Right-of-Way Lying Between Lots 10 and 11 Block 73, and Lots 1 and 20 Block 72, Lake Shore Addition  (Roll) (Planning Dept.)

B.     Resolution to Issue a Conditional Use Permit per Chapter 781, Ashland City Ordinances, to Convert Part of an Existing Carwash Into a Laundromat in the Waterfront City Center (W-CC) District, Parcel 201-01210-1000, Applicant Joshua Zak (Roll) (Planning Dept.)

C.     Resolution to Issue a Conditional Use Permit per Chapter 781, Ashland City Ordinances, to Exceed the 35 Foot Building Height Maximum for the High School Fieldhouse in the Public Institutional (PI) District, Parcel 201-04953-0000, Applicant School District of Ashland (Roll) (Planning Dept.) 

D.    Resolution to Present the “Sustainability Strategies Scoresheet” to the City of Ashland Common Council Each Year (Voice) (Planning Dept.)

E.     Source Water Protection Committee Discussion and Update on Creation of a Source Water Protection Plan/Approval to Allow Source Water Protection Committee Members Ray Hyde and Steve Oberle to Speak on Behalf of the City of Ashland When Asking Neighboring Governmental Jurisdictions to Join in Efforts to Protect the City of Ashland’s Source of Drinking Water (Voice) (City Administrator)

F.      Resolution to Enter Into an Agreement With CGI Communications, Incorporated for Video Production and Marketing Services (Roll) (City Administrator)

G.    Resolution to Apply for a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Sport Fish Restoration Grant for the Ashland Ore Dock Redevelopment Phase 1 (Roll) (Parks and Recreation)

H.    Habitat for Humanity Gratis Lease Renewal (Roll)  (City Administrator)

I.          Discussion of Street Maintenance MOU of McDonald Road With Town of Sanborn (Voice) (Public Works)

J.      Resolution to Accept the Workmanship and Approval of Final Payment to Jake’s Excavating and Landscaping, LLC for the 7th Avenue East Reconstruction and Utility Replacement Project (Roll) (Public Works) 


The City of Ashland does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, creed, color, national origin, sexual orientation, age or disability in employment or provision of services, programs or activities. 

NOTE:  Upon reasonable notice, the City of Ashland will accommodate the needs of disabled individuals or individuals with limited English proficiency through auxiliary aids or services.  For additional information or to request this service, contact Jan Anderson at 715-682-7075 (not a TDD telephone number) or FAX:  715-682-7048

January 31, 2017 Council Packet




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