• Fire Suppression
    •  The Ashland Fire Department fights fires, extricates at motor vehicle accidents, and responds to many different kinds of emergencies in the city and our 183 square mile coverage area. We provide mutual aid in the form of specialized equipment and staffing to other departments in the area, as needed. We also perform carbon monoxide checks for businesses, homeowners, and specialized rescues as needed.
  • Fire Prevention
    • The Ashland Fire Department performs semi-annual fire inspections in the City and our contracted coverage area. Every commercial structure is inspected, and we also handle citizen complaints on a case-by-case basis within the scope of our authority.
  • Public Education
    • The Ashland Fire Department provides fire education programs to the area schools during Fire Prevention Week and to interested citizen groups any time of the year. When requested, we also provide educational in-services to various Health Services, Nursing facilities, and government and commercial occupancies. Station tours, programs, and in-services can be arranged by calling 715-682-7052 and speaking to the Officer in Charge.
  • Emergency Medical Services
    • The Ashland Fire Department operates an EMS system that is comprised of 22 Wisconsin-licensed EMT Paramedics. Our coverage area is 445 square miles and includes the City of Ashland and four rural Townships. ALS intercepts are provided to eleven EMT Basic services throughout northern Ashland and Bayfield counties. The Ashland Fire Department EMS system provides inter-facility transports from the City of Ashland to medical facilities throughout Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota.
  • Car Seat Technician Services
    • Several Car Seat technicians are available to help install your child's car seat correctly. Please call the station at 715-682-7052 to schedule an appointment. 
  • Hazmat Services
    • Ashland Fire Department is a recognized Type “3” team for the State of Wisconsin. The Ashland Fire Department provides Type “3” coverage for Iron, Price, and Ashland counties. As part of this team, the Ashland Fire Department responds when called upon to assess known chemicals, mitigate the spill, set up DECON, and assist local Fire Departments under their Operations section of the Incident Command System. If the Ashland Fire Department needs assistance, the state duty office and the local type 2 team are notified.  The Ashland Fire Department and Superior Fire Department then become a joint Type 2 team, which can be utilized as a state asset for the eight counties we cover as a Type 2 team.  A type 2 team can answer a known and unknown chemical call. Ashland, Iron, and Price counties are part of this type 2 area of coverage.
  • Ice Rescue Services
    • Through a partnership with the Ashland County Sheriff’s Department, the Ashland Fire Department owns and operates the “Dan B.” The Dan B. is a 2003 Windmark Ice Angel rescue craft. The Ice Angel is used to transport staff onto the ice during winter. All members of the Ashland Fire Department are certified as Ice rescue specialists. The members re-certify annually through a combination of classroom and hands-on training.