Police and Fire Commission

The Statutory Powers, Duties, and Responsibilities of the Ashland Police and Fire Commission are Significant.   The Commission has the Authority to:

  • Appoint, suspend, or remove the chief of the police department and the chief of the fire department
  • Approve all appointments made by the police chief and fire chief, including the promotion of subordinate
  • Approve competitive examinations used to judge suitability for appointment of subordinates
  • Approve each list of individuals determined to be eligible for appointment
  • Suspend the chief of a department or subordinates pending the filing and hearing of charges against them
  • Initiate charges against the chief of a department of any subordinate
  • Hear charges filed by the chief of a department or a subordinate, make findings and determinations, and impose penalties
  • Hear appeals of disciplinary actions initiated by the chief of a department against any subordinate

Join Us!

If you have questions or are interested in being a part of the Police and Fire Commission, please don’t hesitate to call the Clerk’s office at 715-682-7071, or complete a volunteer form (PDF) and drop it off at City Hall at:

601 Main Street W
Ashland, WI 54806

Members & Term Expiration

Name Position Term Expiration
Daryle Tucker   May 6, 2024
Matthew Horning   May 1, 2027
Ronald Sztyndor   May 1, 2028
Melissa O'Connor   May 2, 2026
Ed Monroe   May 5, 2025
Matthew MacKenzie Mayor/Chair  
Charlie Ortman Council President Ex-Officio